Every year millions of families all around the world face a common dilemma, Should they go for a real Christmas tree or buy an artificial Christmas tree for Christmas. Many families prefer to go the natural way and buy a real Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm or a Christmas tree lot. However buying a real Christmas tree is no Child’s play, it is a decision that needs a lot of thought and looking around. You need to choose the perfect Christmas tree for your family, one that is not very expensive and looks great. Here we help you with some useful tips on how to but the perfect Christmas tree for your family.

how to buy a christmas tree

how to buy a christmas tree

Tips on buying and caring for the best Christmas tree:-

We have compiled some useful tips that you can follow while buying a Christmas tree.

1)When to buy a Christmas tree:-

The best time to shop for your Christmas tree would be the weekend after thanks giving. This is the traditional time when families usually shop for their Christmas trees and the best time as it gives you lots of options. However if you need to lay your hands on a really great Christmas tree you should consider shopping for one around mid November, buying a Christmas tree during mid November allows you to get a fresher tree, and there is lesser competition around. A freshly cut well maintained Christmas tree would last between 6-8 weeks if maintained well.

2)Shop online for a Christmas tree:-

This Christmas you can consider shopping online for your Christmas tree, there are a growing number of people who are shopping for Christmas trees online. Shopping online gives you the advantage of buying the tree directly from the grower, giving you an advantage of saving costs. Shopping online also gives you great discounts and you get a great Christmas tree for less.

3) Type of Christmas Tree

You have a variety of Christmas tree species that you can select from, Some of the most popular species retain their aroma and do not shed their needles through the Christmas season. Learn more about types of Christmas trees here.

4) Choosing the right Christmas Tree

The secret to the perfect Christmas tree is choosing right. Choosing the right type of Christmas tree would ensure that your tree looks perfect and remains green thr9ough Christmas. You should choose a tree that is freshly cut, the needles of the tree must be bright and green, if the needles look dull it means the tree is old and would not last through the season. Shake the Christmas tree, if the needles fall this is another sign that the tree is not fresh and must be avoided. The trunk of the tree must feel heavy if its fresh, this is due to the higher water content in a freshly cut tree. You should also think about whether you want to buy a cheaper tree like the Norwegian Spruce tree that sheds its needles or a more expensive variety that does not shed needles.

5) Buy an artificial Christmas tree

It is much more convenient to purchase an artificial Christmas tree these days, these artificial Christmas trees look great and are reusable, thus saving you a lot of money in the long run. The artificial Christmas trees that we have now days are very realistic and make for great Christmas trees.

christmas tree

christmas tree

6) Rent a Christmas Tree:-

You also have an option to rent out Christmas trees these days, These Christmas trees are dug up along with the roots and delivered to your door step. On the 6th of Jan the tree supplier picks the tree and replants it in the farm. This is a very environmental friendly option and is cost effective as well.

7) Grow your own Christmas tree

Growing your own Christmas tree is increasingly becoming a popular choice amongst families, you can buy a full grown tree, or a smaller tree along with the pot and either plant it in your yard or keep it on the porch. This is a eco-friendly and green option and saves you a lot of money.

8) How to care for a Christmas Tree

If you have purchased a real Christmas tree from a Christmas tree lot or farm you can follow these simple tips to ensure that your Christmas tree lasts longer.

  • After buying the tree allow it to stand in water in a cool shaded place outdoors for a day.
  • Place the tree in a stand or bucket ensuring to keep it away from direct sunlight or a heat source.
  • Sprinkle water on the leaves regularly.
  • Top the container with water daily

Following these simple steps and tips on buying and caring for a Christmas tree will ensure that you have a beautiful and perfect Christmas tree at home this Christmas.