traditional christmas pudding recipe

traditional Christmas pudding recipe

Christmas pudding is a traditional pudding that is prepared and served up during Christmas. The Christmas pudding originated in England in the early 1200’s. A traditional Christmas pudding is also called a plum pudding or a boiled pudding referring to the method used to cook the pudding.

christmas pudding recipe

Christmas pudding recipe

Every family that celebrates Christmas the traditional way would have its own Christmas pudding recipe that has been handed down from one generation to the other. In the early days the Christmas pudding was considered a luxury dish as it was made of ingredients that were not commonly used by common folk. A traditional plum pudding is dark in color as a result of ingredients like brown sugar, treacle and plums and is moistened using juices from citrus fruits and alcohol. Once the traditional Christmas puddings are created they were allowed to dry to enhance the flavors in the pudding and then served up during Christmas. While the early Christmas pudding recipes involved boiling the pudding in a pudding cloth, later versions involved adding the batter to a bowl and then steaming the pudding and decorating the pudding before serving it.

The traditional Christmas pudding is supposed to be made up of 13 ingredients, each representing Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles and the pudding was to be made on the 25th Sunday after trinity or 4 weeks before Christmas. Tradition also required that every member of the family help in preparing the Christmas pudding by stirring the pudding and making a wish while stirring it.

The traditional Christmas pudding can be eaten along with brandy butter, hard sauces, rum butter, whipped cream or custard.

In this section we look at how to make a traditional Christmas pudding along with other popular pudding recipes that are prepared around the world for Christmas.

We have selected some of the best Christmas pudding recipes for you, these Christmas pudding recipes are delicious and simple to make.

Christmas Pudding Recipes

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