Christmas is a festival that is filled with joy and happiness, love and sharing. Christmas is celebrated around the world and families come together to celebrate the Christmas festival with loved ones. The Christmas season is filled with merriment as it is a festival that is celebrated to mark the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. People have various ways of spreading the Christmas joy and spirit using music, stories and poems. These songs and poems are a great way to cheer up people who feel down and are also a great way of greeti9bng someone during the Christmas season.

Christmas poems have long been used as a medium to spread Christmas cheer, some of the traditional Christmas poems date back to the 14th century, most of the Christmas carols that we sing today started out as poems and became carols when music was added to them. It is a long standing tradition to recite or read out these Christmas poems after the Christmas eve dinner. these poems are simple and easy to understand and are able to capture the imaginations of both adults and children alike. The main theme of these Christmas poems revolve around the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and other Christmas related themes like sharing , spreading love and joy, various traditions , Santa Claus and other themes that are associated with Christmas.

Christmas poems are especially popular with children as the children find these poems easy to understand and filled with fun. Christmas poems are also a great way to teach children the various traditions that are associated with Christmas and also help the children learn a lot more about Christmas.

Christmas poems are not only used to greet people during the Christmas season but many people write these amazing Christmas poems on to Christmas cards and send them to their friends and loved ones, these poems are a great way of spreading Christmas joy and help the receiver of the card feel valued and important.

In this section we have compiled a list of some of the best Christmas poems, traditional Christmas poems and best Christmas poems for children. These Christmas poems have been written by well known poets who have expressed their feelings and thoughts about Christmas through their poems. You can easily relate to these poems as they have been inspired by actions and characters that come from common walks of life. These Christmas poems will help enrich your feelings, mind and soul and will touch your heart by spreading Christmas warmth and messages.

10 traditional Christmas poems

  • “T’was the Night before Christmas” by  Clement C. Moore
  • “A Christmas Carol” by G. Chesterton
  • “A Christmas Carol” by Samuel T. Coleridge
  • “Christmas Bells” by Henry W. Longfellow
  • “Marmion” by Sir Walter Scott
  • “Nativity” by John Donne
  • “The Three Kings” by Henry W. Longfellow
  • “On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity” by John Milton
  • “Minstrels” by William Wordsworth
  • “Mistletoe” by Walter de la Mare

Christmas poems for adults

  • “The Savior must have been a docile Gentleman”  by Emily Dickinson.
  • “Christmas Bells”  by Henry W. Longfellow.
  • “Christmas Trees: A Christmas Circular Letter”  by Robert Frost.
  • “Some say that ever ’gainst that season comes” by William Shakespeare.
  • “Christmas at Sea” by Robert L. Stevenson
  • “Noël” by Anne Porter
  • “A Christmas Carol” by Christina Rossetti.
  • “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore.
  • “The Real Reason” by Joanna Fuchs

Christmas poems for kids

  • “A Christmas Garden” Unknown
  • “A Christmas Gift” by Mabel L. Pray
  • “A Gentle Reminder” by Alice W. Rollins
  • “Bells Across the Snow” by F. Havergal
  • “Christmas Time”
  • “The Five Best Fairies” by Winifred Stoner
  • “Kriss Kringle” by Thomas B.Aldrich
  • “Little Christmas Carolers” by L.France
  • “Merry Christmas” by M.Sterling
  • “My Christmas Secrets” by S.Peabody