christmas nativity

Christmas nativity

Christmas is a festival that is full of fun and joy, the Christmas festival is celebrated to commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. While there are numerous traditions that are followed all over the world when it comes to Christmas, one of these traditions The Christmas Nativity is celebrated almost everywhere.

Christians as over the world come together during Christmas to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ by making and exhibiting the Christmas nativity scenes as well as performing the Christmas nativity story.

The Christmas nativity story tells about the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and about the shepherds and the wise men that came to visit him and his parents. This scene is played out each year through the nativity scenes. The Christmas nativity scenes began during the early 1200’s and was made popular by St. Francis of Assisi who set up the first nativity scene in Italy. The initial nativity scenes did not have figurines but had live humans who played the roles of Mary, Joseph and the other characters in the nativity scene.

Soon the nativity scenes started gaining in popularity and slowly churches across Europe started setting up nativity scenes in their parishes.

With the introduction of figurines, live people were replaced with figurines of Mary , Joseph and baby Jesus and soon people started setting up the nativity scenes in their homes.

A Christmas nativity is of two types if you differentiate it according to its dimensions that is two-dimensional which is set up using pictures and photos. Another is three-dimensional where people decorate the nativity set using figurines and statues.

Today modern nativity scenes are either live nativity scenes, or static nativity scenes.

A live nativity scene is one in which the characters move around and are remotely operated, at times they move in coordination with the background music.

The other type of nativity scene is the static nativity scene, here the characters do not move and are fixed in one place.

Nowadays the nativity scene is not only limited to churches and houses but is also seen at places like hotels, malls and other public places. These Christmas nativity scenes add that Christmas spirit to the place and liven the place up. This Christmas liven up your Christmas season by setting up a Christmas nativity scene in your house or work place.