This amazing Christmas light decoration is not only simple to make, but also looks great, you can make these Christmas light wreaths and place them outside your house or decorate your porch with it. These wreaths are easy to make and are amazing to light up a cold Christmas night.

Material Required

christmas lights wreath

christmas lights wreath

  • Binder clips
  • Christmas lights
  • Round tubing
  • Wire
  • Weatherproof bow


  • To make a Christmas light wreath, first start by taking a clip and attaching it to the lights, making sure that it is half way on the lights. Attach the clip to the round tubing.
  • Wrap the lights around the tubing and secure the non plugged ends of the lights.
  • Tie the bow at the bottom of the tubing, hook up the tyre to your ceiling or to an appropriate place.
  • Connect the lights using wire or extension cord.