One of the most enjoyed and fun filled of all Christmas traditions id the tradition of Christmas gifts, the tradition of gift giving during Christmas excites not just the young but the older folks as well. Everyone likes to feel special and there is nothing that says you are special than a gift given by a loved one.

In this section we look at some great green Christmas gift ideas for those who want to do their bit in conserving our beautiful planet. These simple gift ideas not only help support the cause of a greener planet but also let the person know that they are special to you. You can brows through our list of green Christmas gifts and decide which green Christmas gift you would want to give your friends and family this year.

Green Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Rechargeable USB Batteries – While we all have seen rechargeable batteries and most of us use them, these rechargeable USB batteries are very handy to carry around and are a great green Christmas gift. They can easily be connected to your laptop or desktop USB port for a recharge on the go.
  • Wooden Phone Case – This is a great green Christmas gift idea,  a wooden phone case is biodegradable unlike the conventional plastic or rubber cases that you get and makes for a great green gift both for men and women.
  • Organic t-shirt – Organic t-shirts made out of organic cotton are a great way to go green this Christmas, you can gift a organic cotton t-shirt to your near and dear ones during Christmas and spread the message of going green with love.
  • Organic Caps – like the organic cotton t-shirts, these organic cotton baseball caps are a great way of spreading the message of go –green. You can gift these caps to youngsters, teenagers or adults this Christmas; this is a great green Christmas gift idea.
  • Homemade Organic Chocolate Pack– There is nothing better than a great pack of organic homemade chocolate that can tell the other person how much you care for the planet and for them. Ensure to wrap the chocolate in recycled wrapping paper to add that finishing touch to a great green Christmas gift.
  •  Recycled Windshield Beer mugs:  These recycled windshield beer mugs are made from glass that is recycled from old windshields; this is a great green Christmas gift idea that shows you care for our planet and your dear ones.
  • Recycled Windshield Wine glass:– Like the recycled beer mug, these recycled windshield wine glasses are made from recycled glass, and have a greenish tint, they are a great Christmas gift for someone you care for.
  • Recycled Homemade candle set: You can gift a homemade candle set made from recycling old candles, you can add Flower petals or fruit chunks in these candles to give them a great fragrance and an amazing look. These recycled homemade candles are a great green Christmas gift and a great way to say that you care.
  • Eco friendly toys: A great green Christmas idea for children is to gift them toys that are eco friendly, these toys are made of biodegradable material like wood, or cardboard and do not contain any harmful material in them. You can also make these toys at home and gift them to your kids or nephews and nieces.
  • Handmade Jewellery:- Handmade jewellery made from beads or other material like sea shells are a great way to say that you care for the environment and are a great green Christmas gift that you can gift your loved ones this Christmas.
  • Handmade table lamp:- Handmade table lamp is a great idea for a Christmas gift to someone who is in school and needs to stay up late at night, you can use material like wood for the base and make a shade out of paper or cloth a and decorate it with shells or beads.
  • Handmade jewellery box:- This is a great idea for a green gift for girls, you can gift it to a child or an adult, they are easy to make and eco friendly as they are made of word and decorated with eco friendly ornaments.

These are just a few of the green Christmas gift ideas that you can use this Christmas , If you have a great green Christmas gift idea drop in a comment and share it with others. Merry Christmas and spread the message of go green this Christmas by gifting a green Christmas present to your friends and family.