Planning to gift someone an electronic gadget this Christmas, well you have come to the right place, we have a list of the best and most popular electronic gadgets that you can gift this Christmas season to your near and dear ones. These electronic gadgets will surely be appreciated and have great value as they re not just trendy but of great utility.

Best Electronic Gifts for this Christmas

  • Apple Ipad 2:- this is probable the best electronic Christmas gift this Christmas season. The Apple Ipad 2 is a great gadget and a perfect Christmas gift.
  • Xbox Kinect :- the Xbox Kinect is probably one of the best gaming consoles around today. This is a great Christmas gift ideas if you want to gift someone a gaming console this Christmas.
  • Nikon Coolpix:- If you are planning on gifting someone a digital camera this Christmas, go for the Nikon coolpix, this is a great digital camera with great features and a great electronic Christmas gift idea.
  • Amazon Kindle:- The Amazon Kindle has been voted the e-book reader of the year.  Though it is not as expensive as the other options when you look for a e-book reader, this is still a great electronic gift you can gift some one this Christmas.
  • Wifi Enabled Weight Scale:- this is a great electronic gift that you can gift someone who is a fitness freak or someone who is trying to lose weight.
  • HP TouchPad Tablet PC:-  This is a great electronic Christmas gift that will not stretch your pockets, this tablet pc is cheap and a great device. You can gift this tablet pc to your dear one this Christmas.
  • New Nokia N9 Cell Phone:- If you are thinking of gifting someone a mobile phone why not gift them the latest nokia N9 cell phone. This latest device by nokia has the latest technology and all the cool features that you would look in for a new mobile phone. This is a great electronic Christmas gift idea for this Christmas.
  • IPod Alarm Clock Radio:-  The IPod Alarm Clock radio is an ideal electronic gift to give your friend this Christmas, its trendy and has great utility, gift your friend this trendy IPod Alarm clock radio this Christmas season.
  • Iphone Power Extending Case:- The Iphone power extending case is a great and welcome gift you can give someone who owns an iphone.
  • Flip Solar Power IPod charger:- The Solar power IPod charger is a great Eco-friendly Christmas gift that you can give your friends, this eco friendly iPod charger works on solar energy and is a great and trendy gadget to gift this Christmas.
  • The Logitech Webcam :- You can gift your dear one s this great Logitech webcam this Christmas, this webcam is compatible with Skype, Yahoo, and Microsoft Messenger and gives you great resolution. So Stay connected with your friends this Christmas season and gift them this amazingly cheap webcam. All in all, a great gift at a great price.
  • 3. Etón American Red Cross Microlink Self-Powered radio :- this is a great electronic gadget that you can gift your friends, this  Microlink Self-Powered radio comes with  AM, FM and weather Radio that helps you keep track of any weather changes and is great to have in an emergency as it runs without batteries as well as it is solar powered.
  • 4. 8GB Apple Ipod Touch:- The 8 GB iPod touch is take latest release from Apple, this iPod can store around 2000 songs and is a great Christmas gift idea if you want to gift someone a n electronic device. This iPod has great battery life and can run for more than 40 hrs on one charge making it a great Christmas gift.
  • 5. Garmin nüvi GPS Navigator:- The Garmin nüvi Portable GPS Navigator is small enough to allow easy handling and makes for a great Christmas gift for your dear ones . The device is preloaded with maps and is very trendy and useful.

You can choose any of these trendy gadgets to gift someone this Christmas, so happy shopping and wishing you a merry Christmas