Christmas is a festival filled with fun and festivities. Children enjoy Christmas the most, and one of the most looked forward traditions of Christmas is that of giving Christmas gifts. During Christmas, children put out their empty stockings in anticipation of Santa filling them with gits and stacking gifts under the Christmas tree. If you are planning on going Christmas shopping for your kids this Christmas season, we suggest that you take a look at what are the most popular toys and games for children this Christmas. We have compiled a list of the top Christmas gifts for kids here.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

  • Remote Controlled Helicopter:- This Christmas gift your son the ultimate Christmas gift for boys, a remote control helicopter. Boys have always been fascinated by helicopters and aeroplanes, You can gift your kid this cool remote control helicopter for Christmas and spend fun filled hours flying this helicopter together.
  • Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio:-  You can gift your kid a crayola color wonder sound studio this Christmas; This is a perfect Christmas gift for kids who enjoy drawing and painting. This color studio comes with a unique ink and paper, when the kid is drawing on this paper every marker creates a different color on different papers.
  • Lego land Set:- Gift your kid a lego set this Christmas, Lego has been an all time classic Christmas gift for kids, something that will never go out of style. You can try buying your kid one of the latest lego land sets for this Christmas.
  • Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle LEGO Set :- If your kid is a Harry Potter enthusiast, buy your kid a Harry Potter Hogwart’s castle Lego set for Christmas, Your Kid would love this great Christmas gift and you too can join in the fun by helping your kid build this great set.
  • Kinect for XBOX 360: As more and more kids get hooked on to gaming, gifting your kid the latest XBOX 360 Kinect  is a great idea. You kid would love playing games on this amazing gaming console and would love this Christmas gift. The XBOX Kinect ia a great idea for a game because it is something that the family can join in and have fun. This gaming console also ensures that your kid has to move around while playing instead of being glued to the couch making it a great Christmas gift for kids.
  • Harry Potter Books:- Gift your kid a collection of Harry Potter books this Christmas, Kids are crazy for Harry Potter making this a great gift for your kid, Books also help your kid develop reading skills and are helpful in the long run. This is a great gift for kids this Christmas.
  • Harry Potter Toys and Games:- Gift your kids Harry Potter Toys and games this Christmas, This is a gift that they would love to get.
  • Nintendo Wii Games Console: The Nintendo Wii  is a great gaming console and ensures that your kids are always on the move while gaming, this is a great Christmas gift idea for kids and one that they will enjoy. The Nintendo Wii can be enjoyed by adults and kids making it a family gaming experience.
  • iPad:  You can gift your kid an iPad this Christmas,  The new iPad comes with a better operating  system and has enhanced features, this is a great gift for kids this Christmas.

I hope that you found our list of Christmas gifts for kids useful. If you feel we missed out something that is a great gift for kids, please feel free to mention it in your comments. Merry Christmas.