Its Christmas time, time to go Christmas shopping for your family, friends and girlfriend. While Christmas shopping can be fun, you need to ensure that you have given enough though into preparing your Christmas shopping list. While shopping for boys is relatively simpler, when you go shopping for girls, things get complicated.

When shopping for a Christmas gift for your girlfriend, you should keep a few things in mind, like what color she likes, what shades of a color are her favorite, what is in fashion, what just went out of fashion etc.

We have lined up a few great Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend that can make you task of buying her a Christmas present much simpler.

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend

Dress:  New clothes sure have a way with girls, Gift your girlfriend a new dress this Christmas.

Sweater:- Surprise you girlfriend by buying her an expensive all wool sweater in her favorite color. This is a great Christmas gift for girlfriends.

Jewellery: Girls love jewellery, gift her silver or gold jewellery this Christmas; you can gift her necklace with a heart pendant, or earrings which are a great Christmas gift for girlfriends.

Romantic Date: This is a perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend, take her on a romantic date filled with all the things she likes doing, take her ice skating, dancing and to her favourite restaurant for dinner. She will surely enjoy this special Christmas gift.

Personalized gifts: Get your girlfriend a personalized gift like a gift hamper with all the things she likes, you can add a few cosmetics, chocolates, flowers, candles etc in the hamper.

Hand crafted gift:- Gift your girlfriend a handcrafted gift like a jewellery box. This is a great Christmas gift for a girlfriend and lets the other person know that you love and care for her.

Watches: Buy your girlfriend a trendy watch this Christmas, don’t pick up one of those cheap ones you get at the supermarket, instead go for a good one, it may cost you a lot but your girlfriend would sure love it.

Kindle – Buy your girlfriend a Kindle, upload her favorite books on it. This is a one gadget that girls love and is a great Christmas present for a girlfriend.

IPod:- buy her an IPod and upload all her favorite songs on it. You girlfriend will love this Christmas gift.

Perfume – Gift your girlfriend her favorite perfume this Christmas, however while buying perfumes for girls you need to be sure you know what she likes.

Gift Certificate for the spa:- buy her a gift certificate that she can redeem at the spa, girls love to indulge themselves and your girlfriend will appreciate this Christmas gift.

Handbag – Buy your girlfriend an expensive trendy handbag for Christmas, girls love handbags and will love a handbag as a gift.

Lingerie:- Buy your girlfriend some lingerie, Lingerie makes a girl feel sexy and will make her happy. Since its Christmas go in for something red.

Make your girlfriend feel special by buying her a special Christmas gift, you can refer to this list of great Christmas gifts for girlfriends that we have compiled or think out of the box and buy her something great. Merry Christmas