Christmas is the season of giving and sharing, a tradition that has been going on since time immortal. We share our joy and happiness with our friends and family by giving gifts on Christmas. People usually start shopping for Christmas gifts weeks in advance or at least create a Christmas shopping list well in advance. This Christmas if you are looking for some great Christmas gift ideas for your friends, we have a list of great Christmas gifts that you can gift your friends that would come handy.  This great list of Christmas gift ideas are ideal to gift to your near and dear friends or colleagues at the office that say that you care for them and value their friendship.

Christmas gift ideas for friends

  • Perfumes:- You can gift your friends perfumes for Christmas,  perfumes are great Christmas gifts and ones that are well excepted. However you need to take into consideration the person’s personal taste while choosing a fragrance for them.
  • Books:- You can gift your friends books for Christmas, you may choose books written by their favorite authors or choose books like motivational books or best sellers for your friends. Books are a great Christmas gift idea for friends this Christmas.
  • Shirts/t-Shirts/Sweaters:- Gift your friends shirts, t-shirts or sweaters for Christmas.
  • Gift Certificates :- Gift your friends gift certificates to their favorite store, coffee shop or you can gift them gift certificates for Amazon. These are great gift ideas for friends.
  • Scented Candles sets:- You can gift your friends a set of fruit or flower scented candles for Christmas.
  • Desk Ornaments:- If your friend has a desk job gift them decorative desk ornaments like pencil stands, desk clocks or desk ornaments like a doll, aeroplane or car, that they can place on their desk.
  • Games:- Gift your friends games this Christmas, you can gift them board games that they can play with their families and friends or small pocket games that they can carry with them. This is a perfect Christmas gift for friends.
  • Chocolates, cheeses, fruits, and cookies hampers:- Put together a gift hamper consisting of chocolates, cheese, cookies and fruits and add a personalized Christmas card for your friends. This is a great Christmas gift for your friends and is a great way to tell them that you value their friendship.
  • Bottle of wine or Champagne:- Gift your friends a personalized wine bottle or champagne bottle for Christmas.
  • Home baked cakes and cookies hamper:- Gift your friends a basket of home baked assorted cookies and small cakes. They would love these home baked goodies.
  • Photo Frame:- Gift your friend a personalized photo frame, that they can place on their office desk or mantle piece. You can add a photograph of the both of you to add that special touch to your gift.
  • Sports Accessories: Gift your friends sports accessories like a set of golf balls, football, tennis balls, etc. These are great Christmas gift ideas for friends.
  • Fashion Accessories: Fashion accessories are a great gift idea for friends, gift your friends sun glasses, bracelets, pendants or ear rings for Christmas, Your friends would love these trinkets.
  • Christmas Music CD’s: You can gift your friends a set of Christmas music cd’s. This is a great Christmas gift and adds to the Christmas spirit. You can also create a compilation of your friend’s favorite Christmas songs and present it to them making for a great Christmas gift.

These simple gift ideas are a great way to tell your friends this Christmas that you care for them and cherish their friendship. Your friends would love these simple yet great Christmas gifts that you give them this Christmas. Merry Christmas