Giving your colleagues or co-workers gifts during Christmas can be a bit tricky, while you do not want to spend too much on these gifts you sure do not want to look cheap.  While gifting a co-worker a gift during Christmas, you need to make sure that you know what the person likes, you also need to ensure that you get everyone gifts of the same value so as not to offend someone.  In this article we look at some great Christmas gift ideas for co-workers that are not only inexpensive but great gift items. You can use this list of gifts for office mates to create your Christmas shopping list for office friends.

Christmas Gift ideas for office colleagues.

  • Liquor:- You can gift your office colleagues, bottles of whiskey, wine or liquor of your choice. This is a great Christmas gift idea for office colleagues and is not very expensive.  However if someone does not drink gifting him a bottle of whiskey may not be a good idea.
  • Personalized Key Chains: personalized key chains are a great Christmas gift for office friends; you can have the person’s name inscribed on the key chain or select a key chain that is reflective of a person. You may also want to go in for fancy key chains as a great Christmas gift for your colleagues.
  • Potted Cactus:  You can gift your co-workers a potted cactus that they can keep on their office desks, potted cactus or potted plants are a great way of saying that you care for the person and the environment. These great potted plants are sturdy and require little care, thus making them a perfect Christmas gift for co-workers.
  • Goodie hampers:- You can gift your office friends a goody hamper filled with assorted muffins, chocolates and other tasty treats. These are inexpensive and are a great Christmas gift for office co-workers for Christmas.
  • Photo Frames:-  This Christmas gift your colleague a personalized photo frame that they can place on their office desk. You can have their name engraved on the photo frame or even better have picture of the both of you framed and presented to your friend.
  • Desk ornaments:- you can gift your office friends desk ornaments like fancy paper weights in multiple colors, desk clocks, pen and pencil stands, or other items like a bobbing head etc that they can place on their desk.
  • Books:- You can gift your friends at work books by their favorite author, or you can gift them books on motivation and other related topics.
  • Gift certificates:- gift your co-workers gift certificates to the coffee shop or a store that they frequent, these are great gift ideas for office co-workers
  • Coffee Mugs:- You can gift your office colleagues fancy coffee mugs for Christmas, these coffee mugs are always welcome and will show your co-workers that you care, you can have these fancy mugs personalized by having the person’s name printed on the mug or select a mug in the persons favorite color. This is a great Christmas gift for co-workers.
  • Sports accessories:- Gift your office mates sports accessories for Christmas, you can gift them a set of golf balls, tennis balls, a foot ball, basket ball or other accessories. These gifts make for the perfect Christmas gift for office friends.
  • Charity donation:- Make a donation in your co-workers name this Christmas to their favorite charity. This would show your office friends and co-workers that you care.

These are just a few of the gift ideas you can choose from when planning on Christmas gifts for your  co-workers are office. Buy your office colleagues these great Christmas gifts and show them that you care for them. Merry Christmas