The Christmas Tradition of Giving Gifts

Christmas time is fun and one of the Christmas traditions that add this fun factor and makes this festival so special and unique is the tradition of bearing and giving gifts to your friend and loved ones.

Tradition of Christmas Gifts

Santa Claus

The custom of exchanging gifts dates back to the roman tradition of exchanging and giving gifts to celebrate the roman festival of saturnalia, This roman festival was also celebrated during Christmas , We also see the Wise men or Magi giving gifts to the baby Jesus when they went to visit him. While many may argue about the exact origin of the Christmas tradition of giving and exchanging Christmas gifts, this is one of the most enjoyed customs and both children and adults enjoy giving gifts and receiving gifts.

Christmas gifts are synonymous with Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas also called Father Christmas. Santa Claus is the mythical gift bearer who dresses in white and red and rides in a sledge pulled by reindeer, and goes around the globe on Christmas Eve distributing gifts to children. Children especially are excited about the fact that Santa is going to visit and hang their empty stockings in anticipation that Santa Claus would visit their home and fill their stockings with gifts and place gifts under the Christmas tree as well.

This tradition has been passed down over ages making gift giving one of the most fun filled Christmas customs today.

So let’s look at some of the most popular gift items that you can give your friends and family this Christmas Season.

Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

Popular Christmas Gifts this Christmas Season

In this section we look at gifts for children, adults, friends, unique Christmas gifts, corporate gifts etc.