Christmas is a festival that is filled with joy and happiness. Each year people around the world come together with their families and friends to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  During the Christmas season, families around the world decorate their houses following traditional methods of decoration that have been handed down since ages. Some times Christmas decorations can obtain family heirloom status as they get passed on from one generation to the other and become priceless artefacts that families cherish.

Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas decoration ideas

When decoration our houses most of us focus on the Christmas tree and do not pay much attention to decorating our house and the surroundings, while a Christmas tree looks  great , if you do not decorate your house your house will not look vibrant and would lack the Christmas feel.

While most of us decorate our houses for Christmas, we follow methods and ways of Christmas decorations that we find ourselves comfortable with. While some people may continue to decorate their houses in the same fashion year after year, some people like to try out different Christmas decoration looks and like to experiment with various Christmas decorations and themes. Some of us like to decorate our homes the same way every year. That’s our traditional way of decorating and we are comfortable with that. The most common decoration item used by people for Christmas decorations is bells and stars. This Christmas when deciding on your Christmas decorations you can think of newer ideas to decorate your house, here we have some easy tips that you can follow to decorate your house using easy to procure items.

Christmas decoration tips

  • Here we have some simple Christmas decoration tips that you can do yourself and make amazing Christmas decorations.
  • Create a miniature nativity scene in your home, using straw, cardboard and cloth
  • Create Christmas bows using printed ribbons and put them up on curtains and door handles.
  • Decorate your mantle, shelves, walls or fire place with Christmas stockings
  • Create snowflakes out of paper and string them together and hang them from windows and shelves.
  • Create Christmas designs on a white table cloth using red, green and golden fabric paints, you can make bells, Santa’s, elves etc.
  • Take a glass vase and tie red and green ribbons on it, fill the vase with red flowers.
  • Take glass bowls, tie red and green ribbons and fill the bowls with pine cones, you can add a bit of color to the bowl by colouring the cones in golden and silver color. Place the bowls on side tables, center tables etc.
  • Take thick cardboard, stick golden or silver paper on both sides and cut out bells, stars and other Christmas ornaments and string them together.
  • Take candles and tie red and green ribbons on them and place them on a table.
  • Using sheets of plywood or stiff cardboard cut-out a Santa Claus, reindeer or snowman. These can be placed near your fireplace or on the porch.
  • Wrap red and green ribbons or lights on railings and banisters.
  • Take cardboard boxes and wrap them in gift wrapping paper and tie bows on them, place these boxes near your staircase or the Christmas tree.
  • Hang mistletoe on the shelves, windows and doors.
  • String lights on trees, and around the house.

These are just a few of the Christmas decoration ideas that you can use to decorate your house this Christmas, if you have some great Christmas decoration ideas that you would like to share with us feel free to drop in a comment with your ideas or write to us and we will include your ideas on our site. Merry Christmas.

Lets look at some easy Do it Yourself Christmas Decoration Ideas here.

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