The History of Christmas Carols

The first known Christmas hymns originated around 4th Century AD in Rome, around the 9th-10th century AD Christmas Prose was introduced in monasteries in northern Europe.  The tradition of Christmas songs grew in popularity during 13 century in European countries. It was only during the 15th century AD that Christmas carols emerged in England where groups of musicians went from home to home singing Christmas carols, these musicians were then given a Christmas treat for singing. These early Christmas carols were songs that were normally sung during harvest tide.

The tradition of Christmas carol singing was continued by wandering minstrels and guards of the old walled cities who sang these Christmas carols to people who passed them.  This tradition was further carried forward when groups of musicians sang Christmas carols during village events during Christmas season.

Christmas carol lyrics

Christmas Carols

It was during the late 18th century that secular Christmas carols emerged. In the 19th and 20th century African American songs based on their traditions became popular. In the 20th century more commercial songs started emerging which included popular jazz versions.

Nowadays Christmas carols and Carol singing has become a very integral part of Christmas celebrations, with Carol singing groups going from one house to another in their parish singing Christmas songs. We also have Christmas carol singing events at churches and community halls as well as Christmas carol singing competitions where various church choirs sing.

Here we look at some of the popular Christmas carols lyrics  and traditional song lyrics sung during Christmas.