The History of Christmas Cake

The Christmas cake is one of the most integral parts of Christmas, One cannot imagine Christmas without the traditional Christmas cake. While we enjoy this Christmas tradition year after year, do we know the history behind the Christmas cake?

Christmas Cake Recipes

Christmas Cake Recipes

The Christmas cake began as an English tradition of eating plum porridge on Christmas eve, this was done after a day of fasting. As time passed by people started adding dry fruits, spices, honey and other ingredients into the Christmas plum pudding.  Sometime during the 16th century AD, butter, flour and eggs were added to the traditional Christmas pudding recipe, this helped hold the mixture together resulting is a boiled plum cake.

People slowly started baking these cakes using seasonal dry fruits and spices. This came to be known as the Christmas cake. The process of making the Christmas cake usually starts in November.

While each country may have its own traditional way of making the Christmas cake, they normally revolve around the traditional fruit cake.

Easy Christmas Cake recipes

Christmas Fruit Cake

In this section we look at some mouth watering Christmas cake recipes including popular traditional recipes as well as other Christmas fruit cake recipes. We also have Christmas cake recipes for all over the globe, You can try out these simple yet delicious Christmas cake recipes and surprise your family during Christmas.

Try out these Delicious Christmas Cake recipes lined up for you.

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