Here we have a look at how to make a Christmas angel garland decoration or your home, these amazing Christmas angels look great if you string them on the Christmas tree or on your mantle.

Material for Christmas angel garland

christmas angels

Christmas angels

  • White lace cloth
  • Cotton balls
  • white and yellow thread
  • Yellow felt
  • White ribbon
  • Glitter glue
  • Beads


  • Start by taking a 11-12 inch white fabric square.
  • Place a cotton ball in the middle of the cloth
  • Gather the cloth around the fabric and tie with white tread.
  • Now take the yellow thread and make a belt for the angel and tie it around the angel’s gown.
  • Take another piece of yellow thread and make a halo and stick it to the angels head.
  • Take a white ribbon and thread the angels on this ribbon.
  • Place beads and other decorations between two angels.
  • Make a pair of wings for the angel out of yellow felt and stick it on the angels.

Make a garland of these Christmas angels and decorate your Christmas tree or mantle with these heavenly angels.